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Compared to other commercial or industrial finishes, the ez Hard Top'N Seal® system is economical in terms of initial cost, installation and maintenance.


Long-term solution

The ez Hard Top'N Seal® concrete retrofit system involves several phases and various options that breathe new life into dull and lifeless concrete floors by giving
them a fully-sealed satin or vitrified sheen. The system eliminates dust from concrete floors, increases resistance to abrasion, and will correct irregularities in the concrete finish. The finished surface is easily maintained and will not delaminate.


Limited downtime

With the ez Hard Top'N Seal® system, the floor can be back in service in the hour
following the operation.


Types of finish
Level 1:
satin sheen (100 feet reflection with side lighting)
Level 2:
semi-gloss sheen (30 to 50 feet reflection with side and top lighting)
Level 3:

super gloss sheen (brilliant vitrified reflection)


Areas of application

Typical ez Hard Top'N Seal® applications include manufacturing facilities, warehouses, commercial outlets, department stores, restaurants, showrooms floors, laboratories, commercial or refrigerated storage – basically any concrete surface.



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